Furuno Announces TZTouch2 Software Update

Major NavNet TZtouch2 Update Delivers Many New Features

This software features update is free for TZTouch2 owners. Polar Marine can perform this service if needed. Contact Polar Marine if you want us to do this update for you.


New Software v6.21
Including compatibility with BBWX4 SiriusXM Weather Receiver, FLIR Model M132/232 Cameras, FAR2xx7, FAR15x3 and FAR15x8 Radars, and Fusion Audio Models 755 and Apollo

1: Key – Brand New Features

1.1 Sailing with NavNet TZtouch2
1.2 FAR Series Radar with NavNet TZtouch2 1.3 SAR Operation and Intercept with NavNet TZtouch2
1.4 Enhanced Cloud Features with NavNet TZtouch2
1.5 New Full Keyboard with NavNet TZtouch2
1.6 Refined NAVpilot Window

2: Plotter

2.1 Live Trail with 10 Hz Position Update
2.2 Track Recording by Distance
2.3 Continue Navigation with Autopilot
2.4 Route Information Bar Changed
2.5 Icon to Download Unlock Code

3: Fish Finder

3.1 Post Processing Gain
3.2 White Edge
3.3 Gain Control Box in Data Box for Fish Finder and DFF-3D
3.4 Automatic Shift with DFF-3D

4: Yamaha Page

4.1 Quarter Screen

5: VHF

5.1 DSC Call through FM-4800

6: Instrument Page and Data Box

6.1 Graph Indication on Instrument page and Data Box

6.2 3-Axis Speed Indication with SC-33 and SC-70/130

7: Autopilot

7.1 Refined NAVpilot Control Window
7.2 New Autopilot Window for NAVpilot-300

8: Sensor Setup Page

9: Updated eGuide

10: Others