GPS Date Rollover

Is Your GPS Effected?

The next GPS date and week rollover is set to take place on March 17, 2019 by some accounts and April 6/7, 2019 by others. There are several GPS core receivers used in major marine brands that will be effected to some degree. This is like the year 2000 issues older computers suffered from at the turn of the century. Here is some manufacturer specific information as it relates to their hardware and the upcoming GPS date rollover.


Many affected devices can still have GPS positioning if the units are factory reset or power cycled, but the date will remain incorrect. It is recommended these legacy products be replaced with currently available comparable units/systems.

GP16x0 /C/CF/D/DF/F
GP18x0 /D/DF/F
RS1000 /A/C


From the Raymarine support forum:

“Raymarine is presently investigating this issue and will release updated information at a later date. At that time, this FAQ will be updated with the latest information on this subject. As of the date of this response, we are confident that each of the following products are unaffected:
- Axiom / Axiom Pro / Axiom XL MFDs
- a/c/e/eS-Series MFDs
- Raystar 130/150 GPS Sensors
- AR200 Augmented Reality Sensor
- AIS650/700 AIS Transceivers”

“Raymarine presently investigating potential impacts to other legacy Raystar GPS Sensors, legacy MFDs having internal GPS Sensors, chartplotting products having internal GPS sensors, legacy MFDs having internal GPS sensors (ex. A-Series Classic MFDs, C-Series Widescreen MFDs), and AIS transceivers. As additional information becomes available, this FAQ will be updated accordingly. Should a system's GPS receiver be affected, then most affected systems may be addressed by interfacing a Raystar 150 GPS Sensor to the system. “


A support engineer was asked about this issue and said, “For model years after 1998 there should be no issues as long as the firmware has been kept up to date.”