NEW! Transducer Testing Tool

Polar Marine Alaska adds new advanced transducer diagnostic capabilities with the Airmar TDT-1000 SensorCheck.


It is now possible for Polar Marine to fully test and diagnose installed transducers, both in the water and on shore. This diagnosis quickly eliminates any questions about transducers by providing a detailed analysis of the equipment compared to the day it was built.

The TDT-1000 supports OEM and Airmar transducers, both conventional and CHIRP, with operating frequencies in the range of 25 kHz to 500kHz. This includes all major marine OEM branded transducers from Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad, and other legacy connectors.

These detailed results are captured and available for further analysis, tuning of electronics, and validation of performance over time. Using this information can lead to significant time savings while troubleshooting a customer noted performance issue.

During the first use of this test equipment, Polar Marine Alaska was able to quickly determine a transducer cable failure after one full year of questioning electronic equipment failure on a new boat. The CHIRP transducer and navigation system was installed by the boat manufacturer and on initial inspection, looked satisfactory. After an arduous process of trial and error that covered two summers, the TDT-1000 was used to test the transducers. With impedance levels off the charts, it looked to be a cable issue. After closer inspection, it was noted that the cable jacket was damaged right at the top of the transducer, compromising the wires.

SS175 tilted element CHIRP transducer with a broken cable jacket.

SS175 tilted element CHIRP transducer with a broken cable jacket.

If there is any question about your transducer performance, Polar Marine can evaluate and diagnose issues related to transducers and installed fish finding systems. Get the process started by using our contact form.